Telephone Box Library

The village phone box renovation is now complete and open for business as a book swap and information point. Andy Scutt, Rick Evans and I have enjoyed doing the project (mostly!), and I would like to thank Rick and Andy for their support and help.

We are also very grateful to Jonny Land-Smith of Land-Smith Carpentry for doing a superb job constructing the book shelves.

Balcombe Links are running the book swap in conjunction with the station bookshelves. The bottom shelves are intended for children’s books. As with the station bookshelf, please help yourself to books, no need to return them, but you can if you want to. Feel free to donate good condition books here or at the station, but only if there is space!

Please DO NOT pile them up on the floor. There is also a board for information about Balcombe that visitors might find useful. We hope to add some leaflet holders for maps etc soon.