Balcombe CrowdJustice Case Launched

FFBRA is challenging the Planning Inspector’s decision to allow Angus Energy to flow test in Balcombe in the High Court. We will need everyone’s help to do this.

We have instructed Leigh Day to act on our behalf.

On Saturday 11th March we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on CrowdJustice. This is to raise funds for the legal case  to challenge this decision. We are hoping we can count on your support when the case goes live with pledges. Please spread the word to friends and neighbours far and wide.

Come along to Bramble Hall on Saturday 11th March 2pm to 4pm to find out more. There will be people there to answer your questions. This is an informal drop-in event so come whenever you can.

Everyone is welcome. This is not a members only event.

Bring along your children and friends.

Our case goes live with CrowdJustice on Saturday 11th March at 7:00 am

Click to find out more and how to pledge contributions to our case