Meet Maker & Son

These unusual times have forced us to re-connect with the things that really matter, most importantly family and our home.

Introducing Balcombe business: Maker & Son who have style and comfort at the heart of all they do.

Founded in 2018 by father and son Alex Willcock and Felix Conran. Maker & Son create a range of natural, life-lasting upholstered luxury furniture that includes sofas, armchairs and beds.

We snuggle up with Alex Willcock Maker & Son’s Founder to ask a few questions

1. Which is your personal favourite piece from the range and why?

I love them all, but our large sofa is probably my favourite. It’s over 3 metres long and we can fit at least 6 of us on it if we want to! There’s something really special about being able to snuggle up together on a massive sofa.

2. Describe your perfect day?

Together in our garden on a beautifully sunny day, surrounded by the children and friends, cooking and eating delicious food and laughing, laughing, laughing…

3. What tips would you give someone thinking of buying a new sofa?

There are three questions I suggest you ask. What is it made from, how is it made, and where is it made? Sofas can look similar on the outside, but inside they can be really very different. If they are well made, the frame will be made from solid hardwood and they will have a fully sprung base. Sofas traditionally were made entirely from natural materials and would last a lifetime. Most these days are made using plastic based foam and are often stapled together on a softwood frame with elastic webbing in the base. It’s really worth finding out the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘where’ before you buy, if that is you are interested in buying something that will last you a long time

4. Are you inspired by your surroundings and what’s unique about living in Balcombe?

Oh yes, I am of course totally inspired by my surroundings and always have been. I have lived in Balcombe for over 15 years now and honestly completely love life here. What could be better than waking up to the glorious birdsong, walking in the countryside and now being able to employ lots of talented local people too.

5. During this strange time what have you been up to?

Spending really special time together as a family and actually, working really quite a lot! We are extremely fortunate to have developed a product that enables people to be really comfortable at home, so we’ve been very busy, even during these times. Something I am deeply grateful for.

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