Yard Sale

Balcombe Village Yard Sale

Balcombe Village Yard Sale
Map of confirmed Yard Sales, so far – if address provided

High Garth, Stockcroft Road
Gleddoch, Stockcroft Road
Beechcroft, Stockcroft Road
Freshfield, Stockcroft Road
Delamere, Stockcroft Road
Wood House, Stockcroft Road
The Knoll, Stockcroft Road
Netheroak, Stockcroft Road

1 The Nurseries
4 The Nurseries

2 Coombers

Sunny Brae, Victoria Road
Bamberton, Victoria Road

Afton House, Deanland Road
Highfield, Deanland Road
St. Vincent’s Deanland Road
The Larches, Deanland Road

1, Troymede

Pearments, Mill Lane, RH17 6QU
2 Clayton Villas, Mill Lane

Grey Gables, London Road
Victoria House, London Road
Forest View, London Road

Burts Cottage, Haywards Heath Road, RH17 6PF

2 Diamond Cottages, Brett’s Orchard (off Haywards Heath Rd)

1, Stumble Mead, RH17 6LR

Stumlet, Oldlands

The Coppice, Oldlands

14 Bramble Mead

6, Barn Meadow

Coombe House, Redbridge Lane

This list and map will be updated, otherwise keep an eye open for the poster and directions

Tips for the day

Print off your Yard Sale Posters here

Please let us know you are holding a sale and your address. alison.m.stevenson@btinternet.com or mcrecord@hotmail.com We will attempt to draw up a map of as many of the sales as we can and email it to you so you can hand to buyers. Also it would be great if you have a ‘Star Buy’ that we could mention.

The Covid precautions

As we are still socially distancing it is a good idea to display a sign or two reminding buyers of the fact. We have attached a suggested sign.

Try and set up a queuing system. If you have one, set out a road cone or a chair or something similar to mark the start of the distanced queue or a distance from the table.

Set out your items for sale in as long a line as you can to allow multiple buyers to browse at once. Make sure there is space around your sale to allow people to distance. This may be easier on your verge than in your garden.

Think about how you will take money and give change. Use a plastic pot to receive payment and give change. Make sure you have sufficient coinage for change.

Price items up as much as possible as this will speed up transactions. Use methods like buy 5 items for a £1, or all items in this box 50p.

Keep your cash safe and don’t feel pressured into allowing people access to your home to use the toilet. Public toilets remain closed and meeting rules at time of writing this still mean outside only. Perhaps have jug of water ready in case you are asked to refill water bottles.

Before your Sale

Print off the posters and put up the one advertising your sale a couple of days in advance. If your house is hidden prepare a sign directing people from the road to you.

Try and prepare as much as possible before the day of the sale.

Price your items. Use stickers or tags. This speeds up a sale. It still allows people to haggle but you won’t be answering the ‘how much is this’ question all day. Some people don’t enjoy asking and will walk away if they are unsure rather than consider buying.

Plan how you will display items. Set up tables to display smaller items, use garden, camping or pasting tables. Get these out and ready to go the night before if you can.

Think about sorting stuff into boxes in the days before ready to set out in groups; children’s toys, books, ornaments, kitchen items…. Put clothes onto hangers and set up a rail if you have one. Sort these as far as you can into children’s/men’s/ women’s and trousers / T shirts /coats etc.

Collect boxes and bags to offer to buyers and newspaper to wrap items people buy.

Collect change or get some from the bank.

Start time

We have set the start time at 9.30am. You may have dealers arriving before this looking for vintage items, ornaments, glassware, records etc. Try and keep things safe or under observation as valuable goods can go ‘missing’ whilst you are distracted trying to set up.

If you don’t want to sell before the sale opens ask the buyer what they are interested and offer to hold things back until they return as say 10am or 9.30 am. A box of records for example or all your National Geographics !

If you do want to sell early try and make sure there are 2 of you so one can deal with the dealer and one continue to set up. If you prepare for your sale in the days before it will help.

During the Sale

It’s your sale and we are sure you can be sensible and charming to all your buyers. One tip would be to lock your house just in case. Another is to use a bum bag or an apron with a pocket to keep your cash safe. Take large notes into the house when you can throughout the day. Try and have more than one of you manning.

Finish Time

Whatever you feel works for you. As long as there are buyers and you have time to man the stall.

The donation

All the money you make on the day is yours. The last time we did this people raised anything from £15 to £400!

All we ask is that you pop an envelope with a cash donation, your name and the amount you are giving written on the envelope, through either Mat or Alison’s doors on Deanland Road. (Highfield and Afton House)

If you want to put a donation tin out there is a donation sign attached for you to print off.

Donated funds will be split between 3 charities; Balcombe School PTA, Crawley Open House and the Easter team. Crawley Open House provide year round shelter, clothing, advice, support and food to homeless people and the Easter Team distribute food parcels, also in Crawley. Together these 2 charities have recently formed the Crawley Food Bank Partnership.

Happy Selling.

Hope you have a good day and great fun !