Read all about the fun things to do in and around Balcombe.

We’ve divided this up into the following:

  • Activities & Sports: Leisure activities that typically involve some physical effort, albeit not all of the sweaty variety.
  • Clubs & Societies: Those Leisure activities of a more cerebral nature, that exercise ones mind, possibly.
  • Eat & Drink: Places to go for a snack, a meal, and/or a drink.
  • Places of Interest: Local places worth a visit, gardens, houses and so on
  • Entertainment: Reasonably local Cinemas and Theatres

If you’d like to help, please send us brief details of your ‘thing’ as you’d like to see it on the website, by clicking here.

We’re planning on allowing those ‘things’ without their own website to have their own page(s) on the Balcombe Community website. We haven’t fully thought this through yet, but our initial idea is for clubs (and other ‘things’) to add and maintain their own page(s) and to also be able to post ‘latest news’ entries. But don’t worry, we’ll show you how to do it.