What’s On in the Village Diary

Find out what’s going on in the village from coffee mornings to the annual Summer fete.

We’ve placed the main upcoming events from the diary on the bottom of the Home page and the next 10 on the Latest News page.

The village diary has 6 different views which can be selected from the drop down box on the right, just above the diary. The current default gives a monthly view and the other 5 are:

  • Agenda – this is the nearest in look to the diary in the Parish magazine.
  • Day – This shows all the events for a single day.
  • Week – Similar to the ‘Day’ layout but for a whole week.
    In all these plus the month view, hovering (mouse pointer) over an entry shows more detail and clicking on it shows all the details available.
  • Posterboard – This only shows those days with an entry, but in a view that resembles a notice board.
  • Stream – This is similar to ‘Agenda’ above but shows a related image or photograph for the event.
    In these last two, you’ll need to click on an event to see the full details.

Have a look and let us know which you prefer.

You can also subscribe to the calendar using the drop down box at the bottom right of the calendar. This allows you to see the village diary in your own calendar application without having to go the the website. We’ll go into this in more detail later on, but if you’re an experienced techy you might like to give it a go. To date we’ve only tried this with Google’s calendar app, which allows you to switch displaying the village diary on your calendar on and off.

Click here to view the diary.

If you wish to submit an event please contact us.

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