A New Year’s Resolution – Promote Your Organization

Want more members in 2019?

Get your club, society or association on the Balcombe Community website.

Just email the information or send us a Word or similar document to minimise the amount of typing and hence work we have to do. You can do this via our CONTACT US page.

Please use the headings below (cut and paste them), but don’t worry if you leave some out, as you will always be able to make changes later on.

Your Name (already on contact form)
Name of the person responsible for maintaining your group’s information on the Community website.
Your email address (already on contact form)
Email address of the responsible person.
Who we are
This is the official name of your group. (e.g.Women’s Institute)
Short Name
We’ll use this as the page name for your group, possibly an abbreviation of the official name. (e.g. WI)
What we Do
Describe the sort of activities your group organises and gets involved with.
When and where we meet
Day(s) of the week, or month and start and end times, plus your usual meeting place.
Joining / Subscription fees
If there is a joining fee, how much is it. If there are regular (annual, monthly, meeting) fees, how much are they.
How to join us
Who to contact and how (phone, email or at a meeting) and when.
Our History
Some background information on the group from its initial start point.
Anything else you’d like to add about your group.
If you have a club logo and / or an image you’d like alongside the above information, please send it to us, preferably as a jpeg.

We’ll contact you at least once every six months, to ask you to review your group’s information.

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