Back to Business

Let us support you as we all try and get back to business with a *FREE advert spot within the website, a future feature piece about you and some quick marketing tips.

Previously we only listed businesses on the website that had taken adverts within the Parish Magazine but as these are unusual times we really want to help promote all businesses as they try to get back to some kind of normal.

If you currently do not have a business listed or you want to change your current advert then please email us at: and get yourself and your business listed in one of the drop down sections.

We offer a click link through to your own site and we can also feature you on our homepage with an interview or q&a.

*A suggested £5 donation could be made to help support The Parish Magazine and details of how to donate will be given to each enquiry.

Marketing tips:

I have just put down a few tips (they maybe helpful, they may not) I have worked in marketing for over 20 years so they may spark some ideas for you….

Get on-line

If you don’t currently have a website for your business now is the time to start considering it, even if it is non transactional and more for informative purposes only. You can reach a wider audience and have an online presence that tells people about who you are and what you do.

WordPress is good for informative sites (like this one)

Shopify is great if you are looking to sell online and it is relatively easy to to set up and add functionality to through fantastic apps

If building a website seems too daunting then social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram are a great way to get online, find new customers and even sell products.

Reward your loyal customers

Make sure that you take care of the customers who have remained loyal to you, they are the backbone of your business and why you are who you are. Think about reward schemes such as loyalty cards and rewards for recommending to friends

Entice new customers

Think about how you can entice new customers to your business, whether it’s by creating a website or starting a social media account on Facebook, Instagram or another channel. Think about reaching out to neighbouring villages through their social media accounts and local magazines.

Think about working with ‘third parties’ or businesses that are like-minded to yours in partnerships or cross promotions. This way you could have access to a customer who is more likely to use you or buy your products.

Be creative with your offer

Try and think creatively about what you do and what ‘fun’ and interesting ways you can tell people about it. It might be something as simple as having an interesting logo or a thoughtful saying. It is worth noting that during this unprecedented time you will need to think carefully about how you communicate to customers – be sensitive to the changing mood and situation we all find ourselves in – show you care!

Adapt and survive

In these times especially it is crucial that you can be flexible and perhaps (if possible) adapt what you are offering. Also changes and updates keep you looking fresh and exciting to new and existing customers.

Big yourself up!!

Don’t be afraid to big yourself up. You are good at what you do so give yourself a shout out. Also encourage your customers to contribute through reviews, these are the best way to gain new customers as they want to see you are a trusted and loved business.