A Message from Balcombe Parish Council

We are so lucky to live in Balcombe! What a beautiful place to be locked-down – if you have been. Weeks of spring sunshine have allowed us to walk (or run) round the reservoir, work in our gardens, or just bask in the warmth when we have nothing more to do.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Jemma McCarthy, our recently-appointed Parish Clerk, and her team of Balcombe Cares volunteers, for organising medicine deliveries and numerous other errands for those who feel safer staying in their homes. Also to Gemma Lewis and her team at The Balcombe Stores, for keeping the village fed and provided with the essentials of life.

As you can see from the accompanying screenshot, we have continued to hold our monthly Parish Council meetings, using a remote meeting tool, Zoom. If you want to ‘attend’, remotely, please contact Jemma, and she can send you the link you will need to observe proceedings. And we do still have an item of ‘public participation’ at the start of the meeting, so you can have your say remotely.

We have decided to postpone the annual Parish Meeting, which was to take place in May, in the hope that we may be able to actually meet physically to do this. Watch this space for updates.

As the Government continues to tell us, it is still important to ‘socially distance’, so please do stay at least 2 metres apart when out taking exercise. And do, please, scoop up your dog’s poo and put it in one of the bins provided around the village, rather than throwing it into a hedge or leaving it on the path, or in a field. It does constitute a health hazard if not collected.

Finally, beware of cars (and cycles) taking advantage of less busy roads to drive faster than they should through the village. We need to get Speedwatch up and running when we can again!

Stay safe, rejoice in the rain that is watering our newly-planted gardens, and enjoy Balcombe.

Charles Metcalfe