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Neighbourhood Watch is the largest crime prevention movement in the country with 2.3 million households as members.

Its aim is to bring neighbours together to create strong, friendly, active communities where crime and anti-social behaviour are less likely to happen.  The vision is of a caring society that is focused on trust and respect in which people are safe from crime and enjoy a good quality of life.  Neighbourhood Watch is about making sure that fewer people feel afraid, vulnerable or isolated in the place where they live.

Although Balcombe is relatively low in crime incidents we have had a spat of graffiti vandalism, shop lifting, valuables stolen from cars, house break-ins with cash and jewellery taken.  This is upsetting for all.  Such crimes must be reported to the police and let your co-ordinator know so we can warn residents of Balcombe.  You can report to the police by phoning 101 or emailing or going on to the Sussex police website where there is a crime reporting link.

Do you know your Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator?

In Balcombe we have 22 co-ordinators who cover areas/streets in the village.

Their role is:

  • To be the point of contact for their neighbours.
  • To keep neighbours informed of any local crimes or concerns – most co-ordinators will do this via email alerts.
  • To report any incidents to other co-ordinators so this information can be distributed across the village.
  • To be a link with the Community Police.
  • To raise awareness of safety measures that can be taken to reduce crime.
  • Do they have your email address so you can be forewarned of any village incidents?  Check out the Balcombe Village Website for details of your co-ordinator and contact me if your area still has a vacancy.

We are never going to be able to stop crime completely but we all have a role in keeping an eye on our neighbours’ well-being, checking those who are vulnerable, being on the look out for windows that are left open or any suspicious behaviours and doing all we can to ensure our homes and families are protected from crime.

Take care and keep safe.

Julie Mitchell
01444 819262

List of current NHW coordinators as at January 2019




Streets / Area

Julie Mitchell 01444 819262 Click to email Balcombe NHW Coordinator
Carolyn Robertson 01444 811732
Click to email Stockcroft Rd
Pauline Lidbury 01444 819209 Click to email Stockcroft Rd — from Victoria Road to village centre
Lisa Greer 07801 868233  Click to email Stockcroft Rd (houses along track behind the Victory Hall)
Glenda Thomson 01444 811462 Click to email Haywards Heath Rd — from Truncheons & Old Dairy to Deanland Rd junction
Paul Mitchell 01444 819262 Click to email Haywards Heath Rd – Deanland Rd to Meadow Close and Mill Lane
Alison Musker 01444 811685 Click to email Paddockhurst Lane
Sally & Derek Dowsett 01444 811 898 Click to email Haywards Heath Rd – from Combers to pavement end
Andrew Edmondson 01444 811413 Click to email Stumblemead + Standing in for Oldlands Ave from Stumblemead to Haywards Heath Rd
Richard Contreras 01444 811626
07930 288250
Click to email Oldlands Ave – from Stumblemead to Jobes
Clive Sparke 01444 811457 Click to email Jobes
Sue Roberts 01444 819072
07504 679404
Click to email Newlands
Mike Chettleburgh 07785 557070 Click to email The Nurseries
John Pierpoint 01444 811454 Click to email Deanland Rd – north from Haywards Heath to Victoria Rd plus Victoria Rd
Julia Wilson 01444 811304 Click to email Troymede
Ron Parker 01444 811781 Click to email Stockcroft Rd — from Victoria Rd to Oldlands Ave
Volunteer Needed     London Road
Sue Dowdall 01444 400519 Click to email Redbridge Lane
Derek Earl 01444 811921 Click to email High Street
Linda & George Short 01444 811667 Click to email Bramblemead
Aubbrhea Seymour 01444 811493 Click to email Bramble Hill from Half Moon to London Road
Johnnie McDougall 01444 811493 Click to email Foxwells
Suzi Jacobs 01444 811292 Click to email Deanland Road from Victoria Road to Oldlands Avenue
Angie Cooper 07887 854073 Click to email Village Centre from pub and shop inc Lakeview Cottages
Volunteer Needed     Glebe View
Volunteer Needed     Rocks Lane
Volunteer Needed     Barnmeadow


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