High Speed Broadband in Balcombe

For those who want to check if their property is included in one of the three Openreach projects for installing Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) for High Speed Broadband in Balcombe.

Simply click on Search for your property then in the field that appears, enter, for example, a Post Code (recommended – see why below), House Name, or Road Name in the Search field, or simply scroll down through the over 640 entries!

If a match is found, you will see which project covers your property at the end of the entry:

  • —DAMSKI—

If more than one match is found, then scroll through them to find your property.

If no match is found, check the text you’ve entered in the Search field.

If this is correct, then your property is not included in any of the three projects for which BT Openreach have quoted.

We do not record your use of this service and no data is stored. It is provided for you to check if your Property or Post Code is covered by one of the projects.

However, if your postcode appears in the property finder you should still be able to join the project once Openreach open up their voucher application service for these projects.

Just go to the OpenReach voucher page and enter your Post Code.

The Jobes Ultrafast Community Project, the official name for the Edward Woolhouse project, is already open for vouchers on this page. Click here to claim your voucher

You have until Thursday 23rd December 2021 to pledge your vouchers.
As at 16th October, just 27% of the pledge target has been reached, so please pledge if you wish this project to go ahead.

BT have applied for approval for the Paul Dinneen, Stephanie Damski and the Ali Cunningham (High Street and Crawley Lane) projects. Once approved, you will be able to pledge vouchers as above.

The managers of each project provide more detailed updates on the Balcombe facebook pages.

Note that by pledging a voucher you are agreeing to the scheme’s Terms and Conditions which require you to commit to purchasing an FTTP Internet connection from any UK ISP for at least one year.

The connection must be at least 30Mbps, or twice as fast as your current connection, whichever is faster.

You are committing to placing an order for such a connection ‘within a reasonable number of working days of any such eligible broadband service becoming available to order.