Fibre Deadline – Friday 5th Feb

This is the last call for people living in

Combers, Foxwells, Troymede, Deanland Road, The Nurseries, Haywards Heath Road.

All you need to do is to register your interest with Paul Dineen (see email link at the end of this message) by Friday 5th February 2021.

Please include your name, house name / number, road and postcode.

The email is preformatted, ready for you to add this information.

This doesn’t commit you to anything. It simply provides access to grants of up to £4,000 per household for the installation of high speed fibre broadband to your home. See below for more details of the scheme.

If we’re successful, you are not committed to upgrading your broadband connection, which will probably cost more, although giving you up to 24 times your current speed.

Openreach Connecting communities to fast fibre broadband

We’re working hard to improve our network to get faster fibre broadband to as many people in the UK as we can. But there are some areas which we don’t currently plan to upgrade, or areas we’ve upgraded to fibre where people want to have an even faster internet connection. We know this can be frustrating.

But there is another solution – a Community Fibre Partnership

What is Fast Fibre Broadband ( FTTP )

An FTTP connection brings speeds of up to 1gigabit per second – enough to stream 200 HD movies at the same time. 1GPS is about 24 times faster than the UK average broadband speed of 46 megabits per second (Mbps)

What’s a Community Fibre Partnership?

We work with your local community to build a customised fibre solution to bring fibre broadband to homes and businesses.

We put a joint funding arrangement in place, which means we contribute some of the costs and your community funds the rest. There is funding available from West Sussex Council, so you will not have to pay for installation, but you will be able to buy a Fibre Broadband Product from most Internet Providers.

We’ll then build the most affordable solution we can, to meet your needs.

Want to know more?

Click these links for even more information about the scheme

Openreach Community fibre partnerships

Openreach Community fibre benefits

Interested? Contact your Openreach Community Co-ordinator via email:

Paul Dinneen, 9 Combers

Just click Paul’s email address above

Do it by Friday 5th February