NGS Open Gardens

Three Balcombe gardens for you to visit and enjoy as part of the NGS Open Garden Scheme.

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These are three completely different gardens, each with many treasures for you to seek out and enjoy.

Stumlet, on Oldlands Avenue, is perhaps the more formal of the three, with carefully laid out plots separated by, in large part, wheelchair friendly paths, and with several handy places for a sit down to enjoy this wonderful garden. This is a garden that has received much care and attention and I’m looking forward to seeing all the changes since the 2020 open days.
Sit down for a rest and enjoy the views with some refreshments in aid of St, Catherine’s Hospice.

46 West Up is an example of how much one can do with a garden of much smaller size than either Stumlet or Winterfield. Fruit, vegetables, flower beds, shrubs and more, all vie for your attention as you walk round the narrow pathways. A real cottage garden in the grounds of a typical Sussex cottage. An inspiration for those with smaller gardens.

Winterfield, also on Oldlands Avenue, is a garden in which you can lose yourself as you explore all of its carefully managed hiding places, each revealing its own unique surprises. If you’ve never seen fairies at the bottom of your garden, you might just strike it lucky at Winterfield. And just when you think you’ve seen everything, go through the gate at the end of the garden.

Thank you to each of the gardeners for permission to take photographs in 2020 and to display them here. I’ve lots more, but I genuinely don’t want to spoil the experience of seeing them with your own eyes. Enjoy.


Jun 19 2021


12:00 am - 5:00 pm