Balcombe Cares – Coronavirus Response Plan


There are now over 100 volunteers who have offered their help and skills to the village should we need it… Thank you so much for this! Some are acting as part of the ongoing village “Zone Teams”, and others have offered skills and resources as required. 
The volunteers are supporting a number of vulnerable neighbours around the village, and keeping an eye on others as required. There is also a daily medicines volunteer delivery service in operation which is working very well.

Alice Cooke has supplied over 20 tablets to people around the village who want to stay in touch with loved ones, plus a few kids who need to keep up with homework!! 

Gemma and the team at Balcombe Stores are doing a brilliant job both in the shop, and also preparing and delivering food orders to those who are not able to make the trip out. Fantastic work and thank you.

With all this work going on, let’s all do our bit this weekend to get each other through it…
STAY AT HOME... don’t put your community at risk
BE MINDFUL OF OTHERS…whether visiting the shop, walking past each other, etc
RESPONSIBLE DOG WALKERS… keep an eye out for your dog leaving mess, clear it up, and you could use spare poo-bags to pick up anything others may have missed?

Finally… keep smiling and enjoy the nice weather, just do it at home!